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How to Effectively Judge People

In A few of my favorite things, Coffee, Just not a fan, Living inside my TV on December 5, 2010 at 3:17 am

Alright, another coffee/TV post? Does she ever shut up about that?

Okay, just hear me out. This time it actually involves interacting with others and having a life, I promise. Unless you count watching 30 Rock on Netflix by myself. What? I know you’ve done it.

Lately, I have observed that I form my opinions about people largely based on their affinity for coffee and 30 Rock. But the judging isn’t intentional, nor is it absolute. I just realize that people who can both handle a coffee and quote Tina get on my good side rather quickly.

There are some exceptions, though.

If you have the guts to admit that you’d take a nice Caramel Apple Cider (Keenan Noyes) over a cappuccino, I respect that. I only have a problem when someone claims they’re a “coffee person” and then shows me he or she clearly has no business being in a Starbucks.

For instance, I was on a coffee outing with someone a year or so ago who generously paid for my drink but unforgivably dumped an ungodly number of sugar packets into his mocha. Yeah, mocha. What a sissy. That’s like putting salt on Chinese food. Suppressing the urge to vomit I, of course made the tasteful, “would you like some coffee with your sugar?” remark. But every time he would take a sip of his concoction, I would increasingly doubt the likelihood of a follow-up outing of any kind.

Conversely, when I sat down with a (different) friend not long ago at the same Starbucks, I was curiously impressed that he had ordered a black coffee, because I can’t even handle black coffee. Secondly, this same individual happens to hold a similar, if not greater appreciation for 30 Rock than I do. And so my mind put the two together and went, yeah, you’re alright.

What does this all say about me? As far as I know, other people don’t think much of others’ beverage and television preferences as an evidence of character.

But like I said, this sort of judging is not absolute. Upon meeting someone I don’t immediately ask them how they take their coffee or question their knowledge of 30 Rock. But I think coffee signifies a certain transition into a new maturity of the palette, I suppose, and marks a sort of sophistication. And your taste in comedy is, in a sense, your way of thinking or viewing the world.

Most likely, it simply comes down to the concept of “I like people who like what I like,” and not a whole lot else. I suppose the only thing that’s abnormal is the high degree to which I value the things I like.

Like Kenneth said, “I love how it makes me feel. It’s like my heart is trying to hug my brain!” Needless to say, I’m a huge fan of Kenneth.

  1. I like coffee… I put no sugar in my mochas… but I don’t watch 30 Rock. Can we still be friends? Will you still always be in love with me?

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