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Spotted: Tim Gunn at the Mall

In A few of my favorite things, I Laugh in Your General Direction, Living inside my TV on December 11, 2010 at 8:07 pm

And looking fab, I might add–but when isn’t he?

I’ve been incredibly late to post this–but I saw Tim Gunn in the flesh. So I figure that’s pretty cool.

Tim made an appearance in Troy, MI several weekends ago for a fashion show at Somerset Mall, and according to the promotional poster, “tips on how to make it work for fall.” Here, he shows us how to create two different looks out of the same military jacket. Brilliant.

What’s sad is that I haven’t seen Project Runway nearly enough to call myself a true fan of the show (I admit this because I’m not an impostor, I take TV obsessions seriously), and thusly, not authorized to write in capital letters the excitement of my encounter.

I still highly value celebrity spottings like this (it happens a lot; like when I saw that guy from Mythbusters in Boston with his cool Asian girlfriend, or when I chatted with NBC environmentalist reporter; Jeff Burnside, and was photographed with the bassist from obscure band, Neon Trees) which is the reason why, even though I was able to control my blood pressure at the sight of him, I still stood on my tiptoes behind the throng of Detroiters with my mother’s iPhone thrusted in the air, taking frantic snapshots of his emphatic gesticulations and impeccable posture.

Even while I don’t regularly watch Project Runway, I have seen Mr. Gunn more than once on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, and have thoroughly enjoyed his insight, disposition, and way of speaking that models exactly what I have long imagined to be the quintessential upper-class, East coast dialect. And anyone who is a friend of Jimmy’s is a friend of mine, of course.

And for kicks and giggles, here’s the coat I bought at Macy’s while I was there:

Just kidding.


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