the thoughts and aspirations of a wannabe

De moi

About Me:

I’m Hannah, I’m rather short and I drink about two to three cups of coffee a day, though I wouldn’t say the two are at all related. I’m an Aquarius (like that means anything) and I spend my time living inside my TV, speaking the small amount of French I know to people who don’t understand it, writing, and reading what people make me read, though I really enjoy reading otherwise.

I started writing when I was four years old. At that age I couldn’t print yet, so I would create the story in drawings, stamps, stickers, and markers. I would then dictate the story to my mom, and she would write down my exact words onto these pictures, and staple together the pages. I like to think that I have graduated to more sophisticated modes of creativity since then.

My potential career interests span from journalism to film to theatre to media studies and psychology. I’m still working on narrowing that down.

About this blog:

Rêveries means “daydreams” in French. I am in the process of making my way through high school, and even while my mom says that these years should not be means to an end, I can’t help but sometimes see them as such. And because so much of high school is arbitrary, I find myself often looking forward to what comes next.

Coffee is what I would kill to drink, New York City is where I would kill to live, and Tina Fey is who I would kill to meet. I have full confidence that I will express my unwavering respect for each in this blog.

  1. Best wishes with your creativity. It’s great you developed a passion for writing at a young age.

  2. I really like your blog! The writing style and the humor…keep it up!

  3. I like how you’ve set up your blog. Best of luck!

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