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Are YOU an American Girl?

In I Laugh in Your General Direction, Just not a fan on October 30, 2010 at 7:03 pm

If you are part of my generation, were brought up in a middle to upper economic class, and are a girl, chances are you owned anywhere between one and eleven American Girl dolls.

I went through a hardcore AG phase from ages 6-12. My first doll, Samantha, was part of the Historical Characters doll collection, so she came with a series of chapter books about life in her time period.

Samantha, an incredibly wealthy white girl from 1904 (friends with Nelly who is nine and works in a New York City factory with the rest of her Irish immigrant family), has since been replaced by a more ethnically-diverse Rebecca, a Russian immigrant from 1914, who is somehow just as rich as Samantha. Though, my mom suggests she might be Jewish.

Then I got Felicity, who was from the Revolutionary War period, along with her horse that I renamed Apple (I think because horses like apples. I was an incredibly innovative child) who came with a saddle, saddle pad, stirrups, reigns, and a water bucket.

Felicity and Samantha became fast friends, no matter that their lifetimes were separated by 200 years. They fought a little for my attention, if I remember correctly. It was difficult for all of us when Samantha was sent to the American Girl Doll Hospital after my chinchilla chewed the fingers on her right hand to little jagged stubs. She came back with a “Get Well Soon” balloon and a hospital gown.

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