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Musique française

In A few of my favorite things, I Laugh in Your General Direction, I want to go to there., Musique, Wish List on October 30, 2010 at 4:41 am

Another thing to add to the list of things I prefer to be French–among people, pastries, accents, and toast–is music.

Just recently, I downloaded a few new favorites that I’ve been jamming out to this week, and in the process, have realized just how much I adore French music. I think I’ve successfully analyzed the reasons why.

  1. Quite honestly, it makes me feel cultured and edgy, which I will admit.
  2. It puts me in a good mood when I can pick out a word or phrase that, after my five years of studying French, I can actually understand.
  3. I love the language; plain and simple.

So, here’s a collection of both French and barely-French songs I have either accumulated over the  years or recently discovered. Enjoy.

Sting, “Perfect Love… Gone Wrong”

This is not a true, French piece of music, but it features French rap, and it’s what started my obsession. I recently unearthed a copy of Sting’s old album, popped it into my old-school boombox, and rocked out to some sophisticated jazzy-Algerian beats for a good week.

This brought back a lot of memories. I first heard it at age five, when my mom bought the CD, and then heard it again repeatedly on a loop for about three years. More than once, she excitedly informed me that, “there is a female French rapper in this song, Hannah Grace. How cool is that?!” She also informed me that she would leave my father for Sting, if given the opportunity, but I suppose that’s beside the point.

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